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46 Years of Experience

KRA Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd. is a company that has been involved in the business of civil construction since decades. Represented through Mr. K. R. Anand, Director - a qualified Engineer and Mr. Nikhil Anand, Director - a qualified Architect. The company had its inception in the year 2007. K. R. Anand is a firm of highly qualified and experienced personnel involved in the field of construction activities. The firm had its inception in the year 1974 under the leadership of Mr. K. R. Anand.



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KRA Infrastructure Developers PVT. LTD. has diversified from a construction company to a real estate firm by introducing NIKHIL ANAND as the developer. He has been linked with KRA Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd. since 1993 and has been using his skills in real estate development with strategic planning and implementation.

Beginning modestly, the company has grown over the years increasing both the scale and scope of works handled by it. At present, its spectrum of land development works include Site Grading/Earth and Flyash in excavation and filling involving mechanical compaction, Rigid and Flexible Pavement/ Highways, trunk sewers, trunk water supply, sewage pumping stations, underground reservoirs, rising mains to sewers and Residential and commercial buildings having RCC and Steel structural works etc.

The company has always believed in gearing itself for facing bigger challenges. It has constantly been updating its infrastructure and today it finds itself capable of handling any kind of work of any magnitude in the field of construction. The company has a vast experience especially in deep excavation works encountering heavy sub-soil water tables.

At present, the company has been executing works in various govt. departments and statutory bodies such as DDA, NDMC, MCD, EIL, DJB, DMRC ltd. etc. The company is a reputed quality oriented leading concern for executing infrastructure land development works in/around and outside Delhi. The company is technically and financially sound to handle work of any magnitude in its field. Our prestigious clients are DMRC Ltd, DDA, PWD, NDMC, Hindustan Construction Co., Gammon India Ltd, ITD Cementation Ltd, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, GMR Projects Pvt Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Unitech Ltd, Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd, Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd etc., Simplex Infrastructures Ltd., CEC, ITDCEM, UTDB, Prathibha Industries Ltd.,

The company Specializes in "Coal Handling Plant Civil works for Thermal Power Project, Handling of huge quantities of earth/fly ash/building and industrial rubbish, Filling of low lying areas involving mechanical laying and compaction using heavy earth moving equipments, Site Grading and Environmental Works including trunk sewerage and drainage works involving deep excavation more than 30 feet's in different strata like rocky strata, strata containing heavy quantum of sub soil water more than a depth of 25 feet's in different areas of capital having all metropolitan problems/ hindrances like underground services and uncontrollable traffic, Handling the projects of urban roads/highways of very large magnitude in a very confined schedule, Trunk Water Supply Works, Execution of environmental improving projects related to Yamuna Action Plan and outcome of writ petition by Environmentalist Mr. M.C. Mehta v/s Govt. of India like underground reservoirs and Sewage Pumping Stations and allied building works involving enormous quantum of RCC works (Retaining walls and roof slab) etc. under heavy water table to the depth of 20 mtr approximately, Building works comprising of RCC framed structure and other related development works, Steel Structural Works and commissioning of RMC Plant and RMC Production etc.

Mission | Vision | Values

Our Mission

It is our mission to create safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound infrastructure including transport solutions. We look to achieve this through consistent quality and cost control.

Our Vission

To emerge a pioneer in global infrastructure with a modal mix that will lead to an efficient, sustainable, economical, safe, reliable, community friendly and regionally balanced system.

Core Values

We believe work is worship. Our organization is activated by moral and social ethics in all its transactions.

Our Managing Directors

K.R. Anand

Founder & Managing Director

Nikhil Kumar Anand

Managing Director


A good mix of managerial and Technical talent. Senior Engineering Team with more than 200 years of cumulative experience.

  • Mr. K. R. Anand - 39 years experience
  • Mr. S. L. Anand - 47 years experience
  • Mr. Nikhil Anand - 27 years experience
  • Mr. Avtar Singh - 25 years
  • Mr. Rajinder Sharma - 25 years
  • Mr. Vikas Anand - 18 years
  • Mr. A. K. Ahuja - 18 years

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